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Use drumsticks, fitness ball, high-energy music and specially choreographed routines that mix high and low intensity exercises to tone, build muscle and burn calories while you beat out some sweet rhythms and smile your way to a fit body!

Our popular training is now available as a certification online! You can get your DrumFIT Instructor Certification from anywhere in the world, without having to travel! After this comprehensive training, you will be ready to immediately teach DrumFIT®, one of the fastest growing fitness phenomenon’s in the country! Adding DrumFIT® to your credentials will give you the competitive edge needed to increase your marketability to the expanding list of gyms looking to add DrumFIT® to their schedule. Come experience DrumFIT® and learn how drumming can improve cognitive function and memory, reduce stress and anxiety, regulate emotions and burn 400-600 calories an hour!

What's included with registration!

  • 1-Month trial to the DrumFIT Instructor Video Subscription

  • 1-Year Certification To Teach DrumFIT (maintain your certification by joining the DrumFIT Instructor Video Subscription)

  • AFAA and ACE CEU's Available

  • An amazing course you will never forget!

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the DrumFIT Online Instructor Certification!

    • Course Agenda

    • Download Your DrumFIT BEAT Manual!

  • 2

    DrumFIT Workout #1

  • 3

    Chapter 1 - DrumFIT Introduction

    • About DrumFIT

    • What Is DrumFIT?

    • Why DrumFIT?

    • Benefits of DrumFIT

    • The DrumFIT Difference

    • Watch this video with Wendy Suzuki explaining the brain-changing benefits of exercise(1)

  • 4

    Chapter 2 - The Science Behind DrumFIT

    • Physical Benefits

    • Emotional & Health Benefits

    • Intellectual/Brain Benefits

    • Worksheet One

  • 5

    Chapter 3 - DrumFIT Difference

    • B3 - BRAIN + BODY + BEAT

    • Heart Rate: Intensity Markers

    • Watch the following video regarding Intensity (10)

    • DrumFIT Basic Movements & Variations

    • Proper form, Progressions, Regressions and Modifications

    • BEAT

    • Worksheet Two

  • 6

    Chapter 4 - DrumFIT Choreography

    • How to Choreograph a Song

    • Visual Choreography

    • Visual Choreography FAQ

    • How To Create A Playlist

    • DrumFIT Class Breakdown

  • 7

    Chapter 5 - DrumFIT Sample Routine

    • DrumFIT Sample Routine

    • Worksheet Three

  • 8

    Chapter 6 - DrumFIT Go!

    • Creating Your First Class

    • Qualities of a DrumFIT Instructor

    • Instructor Safety Tips

  • 9

    Chapter 7 - DrumFIT Equipment Requirements

    • Equipment Requirements

  • 10

    Chapter 8 - DrumFIT Instructor Support Information

    • Instructor Support Information

    • How to use your DrumCorps membership

    • Worksheet Four

  • 11

    DrumFIT Workout #2

    • Follow along for this DrumFIT Workout

  • 12

    Submitting Your 30-minute Workout

    • Video Submission

    • Video Submission Guidelines

  • 13

    DrumFIT Resources

    • Recommended Reading


  • 14


    • Sources

    • Par-Q & You


  • What is included in registration?

    • 1-year certification upon course completion
    • 1-month DrumFIT Instructor Portal (DrumCorps) trial

  • Where can I teach DrumFIT classes?

    • Gym facilities (chains, personal or private)
    • Community centers

  • I am a teacher, can I teach in schools?

    As a teacher, you are permitted to teach DrumFIT in the school your are currently teaching at. You cannot, however, teach DrumFIT at any other school due to licensing.

  • Who can I teach DrumFIT to?

    After completion of the DrumFIT Basics Instructor Certification, you will be prepared to teach the general, fit public! Throughout the course, you will go through different modifications which will prepare you to adjust routine difficulty and intensity to best suit the needs of your participants. If you intend to teach DrumFIT classes to the senior population, we recommend that you complete the add-on course: Teaching Seniors.

  • Why do I have to join the DrumFIT Instructor BEAT Portal (DrumCorps) and what is included?

    Joining the DrumFIT Instructor BEAT Portal is optional! However, the purchase of this portal is to maintain your certification and acts as your continuing education. With this membership you will have access to routines and choreography notes, marketing materials, curated-Spotify lists (for available songs) and more!

  • Why do I have to take the DrumFIT Basics Instructor Certification before taking the add-on course: Teaching Seniors?

    The DrumFIT Basics Instructor Certification contains a lot of background content regarding DrumFIT information, practices & techniques that are not included in the add-on course. The add-on course: Teaching Seniors, builds off the DrumFIT Basics Instructor Certification and is completely focused on the senior population, teaching you about techniques, modifications, and what to consider for this specific population.